A Look Back at our best of 2015

We are so grateful for all the amazing opportunities we have had to share our music with you this year. Here’s a quick look at some of the most memorable.

We kicked off 2015 with our friends Telekinetic Walrus and Otto Von Schirach at the now closed and much beloved live music venue, The Stage. 

Watch us do the Pee-Wee Herman with Otto…

Roots, beach and camping: Grassroots Virginia Key

We played on the first night of the fest this year in Feb & the temperature went down to 30 degrees! I was so cold I wore 3 layers as part of my outfit and shed pieces little by little as the show went on. We met so many friends and camped at Virginia Key Beach for Grassroots 2015 and we are stoked to be on the lineup again for 2016! Get your tickets now- the fest kicks off Feb 18-21st. We heard this year they are offering workshops during the week leading up to the fest with workshops, food and camping! So down!


This was our 7th year getting to play Ultra Miami. We shared a dressing room with one of our fave artists, Kiesza.

Honored to share the same RV as Keizza

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The zegziest peeps at ultra! #ilovemyfrens #ultra2015 #mmw2015 @milaplease @zmanbarzel @figurem @afrobeta

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Afrobeta x Nu Deco at the Light Box Miami

In April, our collaboration with the Nu Deco Ensemble was a dream come true. I mean what musician doesn’t fantasize about playing their music with a 25 piece orchestra! Conducted by Jacomo Barrios and arranged by Sam Hyken, we played 5 songs of our newest album, “Dream About You”.

Watch “Clones” live with Nu Deco.  Vid by Southern Land Films.

Serenade for a Wedding Proposal

MOONCAKE festival

Our album release party for “Dream About You” turned into a full-fledged festival with support from the Rhythm Foundation and Prism Music Group. Big thanks to all our friends who played: Oigo, Chantil Dukart, Denabi, Sharlyn Everertz, Jesse Jackson & Telekinetic Walrus. 

Trick or Beats Tour with Telekinetic Walrus

We went up and down the east coast with the Walrus crew and made lots of friends along the way! Halloween was EPIC and we dressed as Edward Scissorhands and his leafy art! We even had a rad fan make us a pumpkin w our logo! Woot!

Chopin broccoli @skinny_hendrix @phaxas @telekineticwalrus #trickorbeats #hollerween @pianosnyc

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This amazing wizard brought this magikal pumpkin to the show!!! #trickorbeats #happyhalloween #1fan

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So grateful for this amazing year. Let’s make more music, memories and magic in 2016 together!

Festival Update!

Last year we played with our sluttly sister improv project, beatmachines…

This year we will be playing with afrobeta: Thursday, Feb 20 at 8 pm! The key is so beautiful this time of year for camping. Truly a hidden gem in the middle of Miami! Oh and the food was so yummy. Here is a short list of some fun we had there in no particular order… meditation class. yoga. frisbee golf. skinny dipping. dancing. cookout. rode in a mini railroad. standup paddleboarding. walked in an animal parade. image